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Can Healthy Nutrition Help Prevent Alzheimer’s?

To even suggest that healthy nutrition can help prevent Alzheimer’s has, in the past, been a slippery slope.
On one side, are those of us that have had a friend or family member–someone that we love–become completely debilitated by it.  That unfair nightmare scenario leaves emotional scars that mere speculation won’t heal.
The other side of this conversation is people that have not directly been affected by this ravaging disease, but they’re aware of it’s traumatic effects. Maybe a distant family member, a close friend’s family member, or a friend of a friend has gone through it though. Perhaps seeing their pain has caused you to enter the discussion about finding ways through nutrition to prevent Alzheimer’s.
With the former group, any nutritional prevention methods, let alone treatment options, are still too much of an unknown to serve as any consolation. To the latter group–and to anyone that’s an interested voice–it’s never too early (or too late) to engage in a discussion of the facts.
Let’s discuss the facts of both the disease as well as if there’s anything that can be done with nutritional supplements and healthy living choices that could help to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s.
What Is Alzheimer’s?
Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia. What that means is that brain cells actually die. It’s also considered a neurodegenerative disease, meaning that the death of these brain cells is progressive. It gets worse over time until the brain actually begins to shrink in size.
The brain actually atrophies, and the specific reasons why this process starts in some people is unknown. In a small percentage of cases it is genetic, especially if multiple people in your family have been afflicted by dementia. Some studies point to increases in inflammation in our recent history have either hindered our body’s natural defenses and/or otherwise exacerbated our internal environment to the point that we’ve actually (inadvertently) created a breeding ground for many debilitating diseases like Cancer, and Alzheimer’s.
To this day, though, the single largest determining factor that determines your risk in developing Alzheimer’s disease is age. Most of the cases are found in people over 65. This does not mean that most people over 65 years old will get it, only that of everyone that has already developed Alzheimer’s, 95% of them are over the age of 65. The rest of the cases–the other 5%–are found in people between the ages of 40 and 65.
Nothing can be done about your age, but it’s also true that your age doesn’t have to determine your level of health. In fact, many people have already taken that step. Many people today–moreso than at any point in history–are taking their age out of the health equation. They’re doing this by supplementing their nutrition with what our modern diets have deprived it of. In turn, once you’re feeling better, you’re much more likely to take the next step in the battle against the negative effects of modern life, and deciding to become more active physically.
What Supplements Can Help Fight Or Prevent Alzheimer’s? 
There may be a lot of different options, as far as nutritional ways to combat Alzheimer’s, but I trust products that actually have multiple patents as well as numerous major scientific studies that back them up.
For scientific studies, check out:
The above links are the main scientific studies (done on actual humans) that I refer to.
2 Different But Equally Effective Nutritional Combo Packs
There’s 2 Combo-packs that show particular promise:
• The Peak Performance Nutrition Packs
• AcuityAZ & Unforgettables
You can either “Search” for them within your Shopping Club Membership, or Contact Me for more information on them, if you’re interested.
What about these two particular powerhouse combinations may provide hope against Alzheimer’s?
Antioxidants, specifically the ones found in The Peak Performance Nutrition Packs, as well as the AcuityAZ + Unforgettables combo have the right kinds of antioxidants, but more importantly, the right combinations and correct delivery methods into our bodies.
The reason that WebMD says, “The antioxidant connection is a hot area in Alzheimer’s research’, is because during the extensive research that’s been done into the brains of those beset by the disease, there’s some interesting information that’s been discovered.
WebMD goes on to say:
“Free radicals tend to build up in nerve cells as we get older. Studies on the brains of people with Alzheimer’s have found signs of oxidative stress, which means that the body has been trying to fight free radical damage.” 
These two nutritional combo packs have many significant antioxidants. One of them, resveratrol, even has a recent study showing that daily doses of the antioxidant does slow the process of Alzheimer’s. This, you’d think, would be national news.
Studies have also shown that people with significant deficiencies in Vitamin D are twice as likely to get Alzheimer’s. Years ago, humans would get enough Vitamin D through sunlight and the fats & oils from consuming fish. Today, however, many of us work indoors all day, and don’t get the proper amounts of fish oils.
With the Peak Performance Packs, in particular, two separate studies have shown that just one hour after taking the nutritional supplements both free-radicals and activity-induced inflammation go markedly down. This directly helps with the added inflammation that will occur once you’re feeling good enough to become more active. The studies also concluded that the more time the participants used the Peak Performance Packs, the greater the drop in their free-radical levels.
It’s too early to say for sure if these two nutritional combo packs can prevent Alzheimer’s altogether, but the help they provide is unquestionable.
The facts also support that, as far as the research extends right now, lowering your oxidative stress (i.e. eliminating free radicals as much as possible), lowering your inflammation, and increasing your Vitamin D, fish oils & Resveratrol intake
This falls in line with the trademarked motto of the nutritional combo packs’ maker: “Add years to your life, and life to your years.”
Perhaps it’s time we all started to live by that motto?
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